Envelopment & equipment

Two observations occur when reminiscing about this photo taken from the Owl Creek road east of Ridgway, Colorado back in 2005:

1. Some things really do live up to their hype. Such as autumn in the Rockies, which — before this trip — I knew only from other people’s photos and travelogues. Being in this place, at this time — with benevolent overcast lighting and a light drizzling rain — seemed to me at the time a gift from God.

2. You don’t need a high resolution sensor to make worthwhile photographs. This was taken with my “old” Canon 10D, which, as I recall, captured 6.3 megapixel raw image files. And it prints quite nicely at the 8 x 12 size, maybe a bit larger. (The 5DII I use these days has a native resolution of somewhere around 21 mpx.)

I try to remind myself of this “equipment isn’t everything” dictum whenever faced with a tempting new chunk of expensive hardware.

Sometimes I even succeed in stalling the purchase.


4 thoughts on “Envelopment & equipment

  1. It’s a balancing act, isn’t it? Sometimes equipment does actually make a difference, but only if the person behind the equipment has the skills and eye to make it work…. Beautiful birches!

    • They do indeed! But to my knowledge birches aren’t native to the rocky mtn. west. (And that just about sums up my expertise in botany.)

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