Color and form

I am a great lover of the classic, stark, often otherworldly look achievable with a black and white photographic conversion. Often I struggle with whether or not to convert a particular image to shades of gray, or leave it as I found it — in splendid natural color.

In the case of these two images the decision was easy, dictated by their content. Without the saturated red of the berries, that particular photograph would lack any sort of dynamism. With it, the eye is presented with a pleasing burst of color against an otherwise bland canvas of sky.

The stick tree composition, on the other hand — with its explosion of line elements emerging from a central point — lent itself more to a study of pure form.

(And, yes, the second photo is not a pure b&w, because I allowed the stick tree to retain its natural shades while removing tint from the background sky. But you get the point.)


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