Tree hugger

I’ve discovered that it’s nearly always rewarding to let my instincts be my guide during photographic outings.

I seldom hesitate to divert from a planned route at the behest of a nagging sense that something wonderful might be lurking just out of sight, off in that direction.

Oftentimes, it turns out, something actually is.

The Hide

The Lost Glove

A certain randomness in our approach to subject matter seems to aid in the creative process. We might miss out on photographing that world-renowned scenic waterfall, but instead we find ourselves inspired by a curious dead flowerstalk, or the cast-off glove of someone hurrying through the woods without attention to their pocket’s contents.

Even the act of reversing one’s course around a frequently-traveled circuit can reap enormous creative benefits; simply passing to the left of a particular tree instead of to its right might reveal hidden picture-taking treasures.

Just goes to show:

You never know.

(Unless, subconsciously, you do.)


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