On the road (literally)

Looking back through the archives, I’ve taken quite a few pictures of roads over the years.

Diminishing returns

Not that I planned to. It’s just that roads seem to lend themselves to attractive photographic compositions. Sometimes they simply demand to be shot.

Backroad bend

On the (asphalt) surface of things, that diminishing ribbon of highway provides a dynamic picture element, drawing our eye into the photo and creating a sense of distance and depth.

As a story element (every picture tells one, remember), the road serves as potent metaphor: a transitioning from one place to another, and perhaps from one state of mind to another if we travel a bit farther down that particular – um – road.

Occasionally, the road itself proves interesting enough to serve as the actual subject of a photo rather than a supporting element, as in the case of this patched and tar-streaked stretch of highway along Unaweep Canyon in western Colorado.

Why did the photographer shoot the road? To get to the other side, natch.


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