In praise of place: the dry lands (Part 3)

Caprock Canyons is the Rodney Dangerfield of Texas badlands parks. It exists in obscurity while Palo Duro Canyon basks in the limelight.

Badlands panorama

Located far off the beaten path (the nearest town is called Turkey, Texas — a sleepy burgh that has, nevertheless, one of the best Mexican restaurants in W. TX), Caprock sports some of the most dramatic eroded sandstone promontories in the Southern Plains. It is a fascinating place for photographic explorations, made more attractive by the absence of crowds.

Stand of yucca

This being Texas, visits are best planned for Spring of Fall, when extremes of temperature are minimized, making hikes through the rugged terrain more pleasant.

Bunny clouds

Given the general lack of overcast (again, this being Texas), a polarizing filter may prove essential. The watercourse of the Little Red River (generally dry) is a great avenue for accessing the myriad wonders of the region. It’s not a trail, per se, but it does make for a useful pathway for wandering off into the interior.

Stick in the mud

Bands of silica streak the canyon walls, offering endless opportunities for creative compositions. While the deep red color of the place begs to be recorded, the benefits of B&W conversion will also become readily apparent.

Bands of silica

Travel Hwy. 287 to Estelline and turn south — but not before filling up with gas.


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