Bluebonnets — NOT!

Down at the native prairie (aka the “natural area”) here in the Old Lake Highlands section of Dallas, Spring has well and truly sprung.

Pear blossoms

Trees are budding out and the odd flower patch is emerging from the grassy sod.

A variety of wild pea, says my botanically-minded wife

One conspicuous bloomer looks an awful lot like the famous Texas bluebonnet – at least from a distance.

Looks a lot like bluebonnets!

But, rest assured, these are indeed NOT bluebonnets, but rather the earlier blooming flower of similar color known as grape hyacinth. Note the grape-like structure.

Grape hyacinth

Stay tuned for actual bluebonnets, coming in about a month.


5 thoughts on “Bluebonnets — NOT!

  1. I was telling my son that the grape hyacinth’s were bluebonnets just two days ago. Now i know! Thanks John!

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