Construction sights

Under the bridge

About a mile north of my Dallas abode, where Northwest Highway crosses the northern feeder streams of White Rock Lake, the Grand Municipal Constructors are putting the (presumably) finishing touches on a raised roadbed that will (presumably) alleviate the occasional flooding-out of the highway — a once-every-couple-of-years event that would force us busy commuters to detour around via byways farther south and north.

The motorways are more or less finished — but the promised hike/bike trail (which will occupy the old roadbed, at least in part) lags behind. Because pedestrians play second fiddle to the drivers of automobiles in our great society.

In the zone

No moralizing here, just stating the facts.

It occurred to me rather belatedly that the ongoing construction activities might make for an interesting photographic opportunity. So this past Sunday I hoofed it over to the stretch of new road and snapped a few shots.

There were barricades placed across the concrete pathway to inhibit cyclists, but nothing to deter a humble walker. And so I was able to penetrate the unfinished inner workings of the project without resorting to any sort of stealth.

Had I the wherewithal or motivation, I could have hot-wired and driven away on any number of heavy-duty industrial vehicles, including tractors, cranes and bulldozers. Instead, I just took pictures.

Light at the end

Pillar of ammon



Caisson 86


Stairway to oblivion

Anchor plate


Space invader




2 thoughts on “Construction sights

  1. Great pictures! I have to come up with a location to shoot some photos this weekend (North Dallas area) and never thought of a construction zone – but that’s a great idea.

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