Fun with fruit trees (and filters)

A vague memory of photos of cherry trees in bloom, as imaged through an infrared filter, compelled me to go out after yesterday’s rains to snap some shots of neighborhood fruit trees — mostly Bradford pear, along with some peach and plum varieties — which have lately reached full bloom.

Show off

From below, these magnificently-draped trees look like frozen fountains of wispy cottonballs, and are spectacular sights just as photographed.

River of petals

But with the application of an infrared filter during post-processing, truly dramatic results are achievable. (Probably even better results can be had by using an actual infrared filter over the camera lens — but given the opacity of those things, exposure can be quite tricky.)

Negative blue for infrared contrast, courtesy Alien Skin Exposure

Fortunately, there were still a few clouds hanging around to add a bit of depth to the sky. Thanks, clouds!

Dark sky, bright blooms


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