Bathrobe photography part 1: monochromes

A while back I posted a series of photos on Facebook titled Bathrobe Photography — so named because the pictures were all taken in my back yard, often in the early morning hours while I was actually traipsing around in a robe. (See profile pic under About.)

Sacred datura

NOTE: Don’t try this at home — unless your property is privacy-fenced.

Button bush

These photos were processed in b&w, because they seemed well suited for that treatment. One of the marvelous aspects of digital photography (for those who remember the good old film days) is the range of creative options at our disposal.


With the advent of Spring here in N TX, I anticipate breaking out the bathrobe for another round very soon: the tea roses, salvia bushes and other perennials are blooming merrily, and there doesn’t appear to be another freeze event on the weather horizon.


Time to dust off the macro lens!

A curious cat


12 thoughts on “Bathrobe photography part 1: monochromes

  1. Truly stunning stuff – the “crenulated” shot in particular caught my eye as being quite stunning. Though I say that bearing in mind that each one was visually awesome.
    A part of me thinks this should have been the freshly pressed post instead of the ‘dry lands’ one but that’s neither here nor there – congrats on that by the way, likely never would stumbled on here without it.

    • Thanks stonewall. About the cat’s legs… that was actually an accidental snap that ended up looking artsy, so I included it. You’ve found me out for the pretender that I am.

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