Story in a stump

I returned from today’s neighborhood photo expedition with a couple dozen dramatic captures of tree fungi and other semi-exotic prairie/woodland subjects — but nothing captured my fancy in the edit suite as much as this seemingly simple snap of a tree stump.

Story in a stump

I almost walked right past. It was in a neighbor’s front yard on my way down to the White Rock native prairie, and I was in a hurry to get there. Still, the complexity of the patterning caused me to pause long enough to frame the shot and snap the shutter.

Looking at it now, I’m enthralled by what amounts to a tale told in once-living wood, now adding to its story through dessication and decay.

I find it wonderful that we can find ourselves blindsided by beauty from such unexpected sources.

Regardless of what else develops from my Sunday walk in the  park, I am well satisfied.


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