Bathrobe photography: tea roses and tugboat

Ventured out late yesterday evening and then again early this a.m. to snap a few quick shots of notable bloom events happening in the back yard.

Development sequence

We have a tea rose bush that vines its way over a dilapidated trellis on the back porch, having over the course of a dozen years pretty much taken over that particular quadrant of the yard. It’s been blooming now for a couple of weeks.

Tugboat: photographer's assistant

My P.A. for bathrobe photography is trusty tabby Tugboat, who seems here to have taken possession of a garden stake.

Pincushion flower

Early-arriving butterflies (Red Admirals are here now) seem to appreciate this pincushion flower, which makes sense when you consider that it’s an early-season bloomer.

Hackberry bark

This inner bark peeled off of the stump section we saved from our much-beloved 50+ year old hackberry, which bit the dust last year during a violent rainstorm, taking out the back porch awning with it (and barely missing the house). I think it would make a marvelous serving platter, were I to work up the energy to coat it in polyurethane or something.

And here’s a new bud coming out on the tree we planted to replace the noble hackberry: a Texas ash. It survived the hottest summer on record and is coming back for more. Hopefully, this summer will be easier on us all.

Texas ash


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