In praise of place: the dry lands (Part 6)

The Fisher Towers are one of the more striking erosional features visible from the Colorado River valley NE of Moab, Utah.

Against the wall

When Anne and I decided to spend our summer vacation in the region last year, this was one of the localities I intended to spend some time photographing in late evening light, as the approach to the sandstone spires is from the west — out of the setting sun.

Can't get there from here

I spent two late evenings setting up in different locations trying to get the essence of the place, and ended up not being entirely satisfied with the results. It is a difficult setting for sundown shooting as compared to, for instance, the nearby Castleton Tower — primarily because it’s such a vast collection of spires spread out over such a lengthy stretch of broken terrain.

Onion Creek Road, SE

It’s a dilemma between getting too close as opposed to setting up too far away — the surrounding landscape is not conducive to unobstructed viewing. (How inconvenient of you, Mother Nature!)

from campsite

Additionally, I was not presented with the hoped-for lighting conditions — the skies were not forthcoming with dramatic clouds, and ended up being generally rather washed-out looking. But in exotic locations, we take what we can get, and I did the best I could.

Juniper was here

Amazingly, these seemingly crumbling sandstone spires are a climbing mecca — the rock being more substantial to foot- and handholds (and bolts) than it seems. The first climb of The Titan — at 900 feet, the tallest freestanding sandstone spire in the Western Hemisphere — was accomplished by Layton Kor, Huntley Ingalls and George Hurley in 1962.

dusk, Onion Creek Road


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