The obligatory bluebonnet photos

It’s practically impossible to simultaneously live in Texas, own a camera, and avoid taking pictures of bluebonnets in the springtime.

Lupinus texensis - Texas bluebonnet

Plus, I had already promised to follow up with a true-blue bluebonnet photo after having posted a few pics of that early-rising faux-bluebonnet — the grape hyacinth — several weeks ago.

And thus when I discovered a nice little plot of Lupinus texensis on my regular creekside walking route a few days back, I was anxious to snap a few frames. Unfortunately, I could not do so immediately, because the field was already in use by a kindly-appearing elderly couple and their presumed toddler grandchild, who was posing happily and making cooing noises in the midst of the natural garden while Grandpa (?) snapped away. I decided not to walk up and make a pest of myself while they were having such fun family times.

Just as photographers can’t resist taking pictures of bluebonnets, it seems females and babies simply cannot refrain from reclining to pose amongst them. Witness this ordinary passerby lady who spontaneously plopped down amongst the lupines while I was setting up for the shot.

Innocent bystander or my wife Anne? (Can't remember...)

(O.K., that’s actually my lovely wife and capable photo assistant/producer Anne — but it could easily have happened that other way, too.)


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