White Rock native prairie: a springtime photo survey

It was a perfect morning for a walk through the prairie grasses, wildflowers and mixed hardwood forest of the White Rock native prairie here in East Dallas: overcast and cool, with a light breeze to add just the right amount of challenge to my handheld photography of standing flowers.

A variety of hyacinth (methinks)

(If you ever need to call up a mighty wind, I’ve discovered the secret: compose and focus on a flower, and the wind will arise — it never fails.)

These big, showy foxglove blooms are visible for quite a distance across the grasslands.

On the walk back towards “civilization” from the micro-forest path, I discovered a white flowering bush (which Anne thinks may be a non-native Asian import) that was liberally coated with butterflies – red admirals and question marks, mostly. Native or not, the suspect plant was supplying nectar in abundance to the native butterfly population.

Red admirals on suspected non-native flowering bush

I had the absolute wrong lens for these shy retiring subjects: a 28-75 close focusing zoom. Still, they seemed so intent on their sipping that I was able to sneak close enough to snap one or two usable shots.

First echinacea of the season - lots more to come

For lack of a better I.D., I'll refer to this as "sticker bush."

Goatsbeard - a cheery European import that seems to like our native prairie just fine, thanks very much.

Ladder of life

Emerald green


9 thoughts on “White Rock native prairie: a springtime photo survey

  1. The photo id’d as Gulf Coast Penstemon is indeed the infamous Foxglove (Penstemon cobaea), my absolute favorite springtime wildflower at the lake.The emerald green seedling is a baby Ash tree.The flowering shrub looks like Waxleaf Ligustrum, non-native is correct. Briar is good enough, DYF, for the yellow one and good call—Prairie Hyacinth for the pretty blue.
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

    • Haha! I’ll defer to your evident expertise and change BACK the ID on the big, showy blooms to foxglove. And Waxleaf Ligustrum, says my resident plant gal, is absolutely correct. THANKS Susan!

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