In praise of place: the dry lands (Part 7)

If ever there was a place for getting away from everything related to civilization — most significantly, people — New Mexico’s Quebradas is undoubtedly it.

Desert color

This 24-mile stretch of single-track dirt road winds through broken country east of the Rio Grande near Socorro, exercising one’s shock absorbers and testing the limits of one’s capacity for quiet and solitude. To my mind, it’s a perfect place to unwind and clear one’s head of the fog of societal complexity.

Just the necessities

In other words, a great place for a beer and a cigar.

quebradas = broken country

This is BLM land, wide open and with no fences. If you’re of a mind to, you can pull over at the location of your choosing and pitch your tent and take off walking into the wilderness. No one will show up to collect any sort of camping fee or read to you the rules of the realm. At the same time, no immediate help is going to be forthcoming should you encounter some sort of emergency — in my experience, the average frequency of encountering another vehicle on this backroad is approximately one every 12 hours. (Or less.)

Cove of the compass

If you decide to travel through here, bring water (because — aside from hidden perennial springs — there isn’t any) and plan to rely on your own recognizance for the extent of your stay.

Rune cast: cove of the compass

Those uncomfortable with the prospect of engaging in an extended internal dialog best not attempt the journey.

Spring water. Good luck finding this.

Clouds, moon and ridge



3 thoughts on “In praise of place: the dry lands (Part 7)

    • MJ, to my knowledge I have never before been complimented on my attitude. For this I thank you most sincerely.

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