In praise of place: Ouray and environs (Part 7)

There are many fascinating and scenic day trips to be taken while headquartering in Ouray.

One of the most unexpectedly dramatic turns out to be the great loop which begins with a drive north to Montrose and Grand Junction, from where one turns west and then immediately south to enter the rimrock drive around the cliffs and sandstone spires of Colorado National Monument. (Photos of which might very well comprise another blog post.)

The loop may be completed by driving southwest along Unaweep Canyon to Gateway, thence east back towards Ridgway, passing finally through pastoral farmlands around Norwood.

If you time things just right (whether by accident, as in my case, or design), you’ll find the setting sun casting its rosy glow upon the western San Juan Mountains as you motor towards them.

Thunderstorm at dusk

This view of distant Lone Cone finds a late afternoon thunderhead benefiting from the setting sunlight, adding a bit of drama to an otherwise sleepy scene.

I cropped and reprocessed the same image, adding more verticality (to emphasize the looming thunderhead) and finding just the right b&w filter set to bring out the details of the roiling cloud mass.

Storm over Lone Cone

From here — fortunately, for weary road warriors — it’s a relatively short drive into Ridgway and the True Grit Cafe, home to one of the best burgers on the Western Slope. (Several of them, actually.)

A photographer’s gotta keep his strength up!


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