Bathrobe photography: top cat

After spending the better part of nine hours each weekday sitting in front of the computer, I like to unwind in the evenings by lounging out in the backyard and watching the birds at our feeders, plants growing, etc.

(Yes, I know that “lounging” is closely related to “sitting,” which is what I was doing for most of the prior nine hours — but note that I sandwich in a two-mile walk over the lunch hour most days. Just so you won’t think I’m a total slug. Because I care what you think, you anonymous gravatar crowd…)

Must… stop… rambling…

Kindred spirits

In any case, last evening I was up to my usual lounging hijinks when Tugboat the cat decided that our ceramic garden kitty (whom I hereby christen Bubert) deserved some attention. He was mostly using Bubert for a convenient perch to scan the bramble behind for wily anoles (Tugboat’s favorite prey), but at one point seemed to be cozying up to the bulbous inanimate beast, using its unyielding ceramic ear for a scratching post.

Since I was out there without my camera, I reached for the cell phone, called the house, and asked Anne to bring the Canon from the kitchen table. Resulting in these perhaps mildly amusing photos.

Top cat

Thanks, Sweetie! (And by that I mean Anne.)


2 thoughts on “Bathrobe photography: top cat

  1. Doing great Nancy – taking off for NM this weekend (extending into next week) for a relaxing photo expedition. Let’s have dinner soon.

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