In praise of place: the dry lands (part 8)

Quick post from the first day of my New Mexico roadtrip.

Bitter Lake

Made it as far as Roswell, grabbed a motel room and headed out to the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge just northeast of town.

Reeds and tree, Pecos watershed

The Bitter Lake refuge sits astride the Pecos River, and includes features of both Chihuahuan desert and high plains ecosystems. It’s looking pretty dry presently, though there is still running water in the streambed that feeds this chain of small lakes. The area provides essential habitat for various kinds of waterfowl and other animals.

Reeds, Bitter Lake

The refuge was deserted on this Saturday evening except for yours truly – no sign of another tourist or even a park ranger. I had the place all to myself.

Yucca, last light

I decamped from Bitter Lake directly to Cerritos Mexican Kitchen, where the tacos pollo guisado put the capper on a satisfying day of travel and discovery.


3 thoughts on “In praise of place: the dry lands (part 8)

  1. The trip is only beginning! More photos to post over the next few days, when I’m not actually out there taking them.

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