Bosque del Apache part 3: evening light

After scouting the preserve’s road system earlier in the day (following my hike in Solitude Canyon), I determined that an excellent place to set up for late evening photography would be out along this seasonal access causeway road that leads back eventually to the farm loop drive.

Failure to yield the right of way

At a point about midway along this access road, one comes to a crude scrubwood fence surrounding an irrigation pump. There’s adequate space available here to pull off the roadway, and views to the east over the lagoon are enhanced by colorful reeds in the foreground and rolling desert hills in the distance.

Tranquility base

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not a true birdwatcher, nor am I an enthusiastic wildlife photographer. My picture taking interests center on the landscape. Still, here at the Bosque, it’s difficult to snap a shutter without having a bird of some sort fly or wade or float into the frame.

Crow into clouds

Canada wet

Passers by

At the present location, my chief companions consisted of a large crowd of chatty and peripatetic black-necked stilts. Somewhat annoyingly, they remained for the most part just out of the effective profiling range of my 200mm-on-the-high-end zoom lens, effectively demonstrating why I am not an enthusiastic wildlife photographer — If I were, I suppose I’d see my way to investing in a bigger telephoto.


As the sun declined, the already quite saturated colors began to take on Van Gogh-like characteristics – I found myself capturing similar image compositions over and over again as the light did ever-more-crazily extravagant things to the landscape.

Phantom cloud

The rushes

Clear channel

Passers by part 2

Reeds and grasses

Angular flow


Reflecting on a day well-spent

Sundown shadows

As sundown approached, I began the drive that completes the one-way loop and exited the preserve, bound for the comfort of my Socorro motel room – with perhaps a stop along the way at the Owl Bar and Cafe for a green chile cheeseburger. (Hard to pass up after a long and satisfying day on the Bosque.)

Owl Bar, San Antonio NM


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