Where colorful trucks go to retire

I don’t blame the trucks of Colorado for wanting to end their days in such a lovely place.

Last run from Silver Cliff

There’s something about the right of way along Hwy 160 that seems to attract colorful pickups and work trucks on their last legs (or tires, as it were).

The two trucks in the large images embedded here were both spotted near the eastern end of the Old La Veta Pass road (Co 443), happily rusting away in a meadow bordered by groves of cottonwoods, with pine-covered hills rising behind.

The third truck was seen parked facing the highway in the middle (more or less) of Fort Garland, just west of La Veta Pass.

Out to pasture

If retired trucks could talk, I would travel far to hear their stories.


16 thoughts on “Where colorful trucks go to retire

  1. I would love to hear stories of these old trucks. The places they’d been, things they’d seen. Great pics. Ty’s for sharing.

  2. On the islands I go to I became focussed on the no-longer-functioning machinery rusting (as in Edwin Muir’s poem ‘The Horses’) between field and sea – a real problem on an island. And boats. And cars and trucks. Part of the landscape now:

    “The tractors lie about our fields; at evening
    They look like dank sea-monsters couched and waiting.
    We leave them where they are and let them rust:
    ‘They’ll molder away and be like other loam.'” – Edwin Muir

    • Hey local – thanks for your comment. Maybe I’ll post a pic of that old threshing machine N. from Saguache on 114. Driven by there lately?

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