In praise of plants: purple coneflower

I don’t think any single variety of plant has gotten as much attention from my camera over the past several years as Echinacea, aka purple coneflower.

Against the fence

Part of this is because there’s always a patch or two of it growing in Anne’s backyard (which is also my backyard, but since she does the gardening we give her primacy of nomenclature). During spring and summer, I mean.

A lot of purple coneflower has been springing up in the garden these last several days, not to mention down along the stretch of White Rock Native Prairie that borders Van Dyke Rd. where I take my daily walks. I’ll lug the camera down that direction after the damp diminishes from yesterday’s half-hearted rain event. (We ended up with about half an inch altogether, according to the official Love Field measuring station.)

Meanwhile, I decided to take an entirely different route than my usual by slapping on a wide angle lens for a shot of a patch of the showy flowers here in the backyard (see above) — my overriding inclination historically has been to employ the macro zoom to capture the odd and intricate internal structures of the blooms (see below). Not to mention the numerous denizens who habituate the coneflower premises, thanks to what must be its abundant supply of nectar.

Here, along with today’s photo, is a small sampling of my Echinacea coverage from previous seasons. Now, let’s all get out there and shoot something!


A dapper bee


Diving right in



15 thoughts on “In praise of plants: purple coneflower

    • Thanks so much Ved. I should use the wide angle more often for my backyard photography, I’m thinking.

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