Small world: part 1 — biphasal

It’s about this time of year, every year, when the 105mm macro becomes more or less permanently attached to my trusty Canon, along with the tripod quick-release plate.

Not to say that I don’t frequently switch over to other lenses as various photo ops warrant, but with Anne’s garden hitting its full bloom stride, it seems every trip into the backyard ends with me finding something that begs to be shot. And since it’s usually something relatively small, the macro lens remains the optic of choice.

While photographing purple coneflower for a prior post — using a wide angle, no less! (what got into me?) — I noticed an odd color phasing situation going on with a couple of bloomheads.


They appeared to be half all green and half normal coloration, with normal being that vivid fire-orange center surrounded by lovely pink pastel petals. It looks to be the greenish equivalent of albinism, if you get my drift.


I’ll have to keep an eye on these plants to see if this is a particularly unusual situation, or whether it happens all the time. (I’ve frankly never noticed it before.)


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