A husk of his or her former self

While enjoying my coffee and ambling around the backyard this morning, I glanced down and noticed this cicada husk decorating a turk’s cap leaf.

A husk of his or her former self

I thought I spotted another one on a leaf just opposite, but it turned out to be an actual cicada. Presumably the same one that had shed its carapace.

Freshly minted

Just another story from the bathrobe photography chronicles.

Off with the old, out with the new


10 thoughts on “A husk of his or her former self

  1. Wow, this is a stunning collection of images. You were fortunate enough to find the cicada as it molted. These critters are truly stunning. By the way I noticed the depth of field in these shots is quite good, what lens do you use?

    • Pal Guy, thanks for your kind comments. The lens is Sigma EX 105mm macro (on Canon 5dMkII), f/8, very slow shutter speeds since taken early a.m., and so tripod mounted and cable release fired.

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