Good mallard, morning!

… I mean good morning, mallard!

Obeying the 20 mph speed limit

I hadn’t even had time for a cup of coffee this morning when Anne, preparing to set the front yard sprinkler, ducked (ahem!) back inside to let me know there were mallards walking down the street.

“Whoah, Millard, that’s a fine looking yard over there.”

Mind you, there’s nothing too unusual about seeing waterfowl of sundry sorts in this neighborhood, it being just a short walk from White Rock Lake; and an even shorter stroll from Dixon Branch (a creek feeding into the lake).

“Looks like they’ve got native plants!”

But it was rather bizarre to find a pair of ducks ambling nonchalantly down Brookhurst Drive. While it’s not the busiest avenue in Dallas, it certainly gets its share of intra-neighborhood traffic.

“Got any june bugs here?”

Still, at 7 a.m. these lucky ducks had plenty of time to wander up into our native plant garden to peck around for a spell — presumably in search of tasty june bugs or the like.
Apologies for lack of artistry represented by these shapshots — sometimes subject matter trumps technique. (QUACK!)


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