White Rock Native Prairie: a photo survey (part 3)

Down at the patch of White Rock Native Prairie near our Dallas home, basket flowers (aka American star-thistle) were blooming in profusion last weekend.

Basket flower

Since then we’ve weathered some extremely hot and dry days, so I doubt much still remains — though we’ve been blessed with a replenishing round of thunderstorms as of earlier this evening, so perhaps some hardy specimens will linger — or new individuals will bloom.

Various paths lead through a deep woods just beyond this prairie-like parkland, and I never fail to find something of interest to photograph while passing through. The shadowy woods are a welcome respite from the generally unrelenting sun, and hold an air of mystery no matter how often I traverse them.

Dark and deep

How splendid that such an oasis of nature exists in the midst of our urban sprawl. I consider myself quite fortunate to have this “wilderness” retreat within walking distance, and take advantage of it at every opportunity.

Leaves in light

Head first


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