Metamorphosis, part 2


The critter incubating next to our barbecue grill somehow flew the coop while Anne and I weren’t looking.

This past Sunday morning I noticed the chrysalis was discolored and open at the top, and — upon further inspection — empty.

HOWEVER, on the wrought iron column just adjacent, Anne spotted another cocoon with its recent occupant having just emerged.

Recently vacated

Its former occupant was hanging from the post nearby, but when I approached with my (apparently) very scary 105mm lens the newly-transformed creature took sudden flight and ended up on the lawn a few feet away.

Freshly minted

Fortunately the freshly minted Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly felt less threatened when surrounded by newly-mown grass.

I ushered the cats into the house to give our new backyard resident time to soak up the rays of the sun and flutter off to parts unknown.


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