A most curious cat

This is Winston, a very independent feline who lives with my mother-in-law in Midland, Texas.

Winston. Curious, indeed.

What you may not have been able to discern from the above photo is the fact that Winston has enormous thumbs. On at least one of his paw he has, in fact, six digits. (On the other it’s a bit more hard to tell, given that he won’t let you get personal enough to examine them without giving you a demonstration of how he can put his claws to astonishingly swift use.)

The photo below should at least establish that his thumbs are prominent beyond normal kitty morphology.

Prehensile? Not sure.

I cannot speak with certainty as to whether Winston has prehensile capabilities, because I did not witness him playing the violin or even grasping a sparrow for that matter. But I wouldn’t put it past him.


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