In praise of place: Ouray and environs (part 10) — Ouray Brewery

This installment finds us sipping a cold beer on the rooftop patio area of the (relatively) new Ouray Brewery, a fine establishment which offers the best of both microbrews and scenic views.

In truth, there’s not a bad view to be found in the town of Ouray, unless you search diligently to find one. (I have never bothered to try.)

Brewery view, east to the Amphitheater

Still, there are high points – and one of them is atop the brewery, from where one may kick back under a sunshade umbrella and take in the tourist traffic along Main Street, the reddish Hermosa Cliffs off to the southeast, and the great bowl-shaped basin of the Amphitheater directly to the east. (The cliffs and mountain peaks to the west are no slouch either.)

Hard to resist taking pictures from this vantage point.

You’ll want to take close notice of the signs posted on the rooftop patio, however, particularly if an afternoon thundershower threatens (or even if it doesn’t – these things come up awfully quickly during the summer). The signs proclaim that your seating in the two levels below is not guaranteed in case of rainshowers if you choose to post your posterior at one of the open air patio tables. It’s just a risk you’ll have to take.

Gregg, my godson. Who inappropriately ordered an iced tea on this occasion, if I’m remembering correctly.

Oh, and there’s this as well: those sunshade umbrellas have to come down during the moderate to high wind episodes which often accompany summer thunderstorms here in the San Juan mountains. Your waitperson will insist upon it, I’m afraid, as the alternative will find your table overturned with potential for the umbrella itself to wend its way streetward, possibly impaling innocent passersby three floors below.

Hermosa Cliffs to the southeast

Console yourself with this if the showers develop: as long as you’re getting wet, so will your waitperson. (Just make sure to cover your Silvershield Stout with a coaster. Diluting it would be a sin.)

Amphitheater view #2

Rain on Old Glory: view from 2nd floor of Ouray Brewery, looking out.


6 thoughts on “In praise of place: Ouray and environs (part 10) — Ouray Brewery

  1. Thanks Angela! Ouray is a great place to be on the 4th, by the way – teams on firehoses square off against each other on Main St. with water pressure at full blast – last man standing wins!

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