Coal fired: #487 at Antonito

Here sits narrow gauge engine #487, in active service on the Cumbres &Toltec line that runs from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado (where this picture was taken).

Veteran coal-burner gets some attention

This venerable workhorse — a Baldwin K-36 2-8-2 Mikado, for you train buffs out there — served on the Denver & Rio Grande line running between Alamosa and Durango before 1968. It was built way back in 1925, so it’s good that the engineers of the C&T give it their careful attention on a routine basis.

I like this photo because it immerses the viewer in the world of the locomotive without any distracting outside elements. The plume of coal-fired smoke coming in from the top left adds touches of motion and historical romance to what would otherwise have been a static “character study,” if we can think this antique engine as a character.


6 thoughts on “Coal fired: #487 at Antonito

  1. Great pic! I think it might be just due to the color of the undercarriage and the mechanic’s white hoodie, but he looks like he is caught in a ray of sunlight – it really draws the eye to the subject. Nice composition.

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