Plant portrait: Sunflower

The humble sunflower. Corny as Kansas in August, not to mention it’s that state’s official flower.


We have sunflowers aplenty in various stages of growth and decay here in our backyard, thanks to the fact that we feed sunflower seeds to the neighborhood bird population and, of course, there’s spillage.

But a couple of blocks away is Hexter Elementary School, where the teachers and students have taken on an ambitious  gardening project (about which more later). The sunflowers blooming over there are much taller, bigger, and generally more robust than the accidental seedlings that sprout and then quickly keel over on our property.

That’s right: black & white treatment of a colorful flower. See below for more traditional coverage.

When the early morning light hits these bright bloomers, it seems blatantly obvious that the day holds promise.


Good morning, Sunshine!


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