Ominous clouds (with rainbow)

Three nights ago here in Dallas we experienced a dramatic buildup to what might have been a furious thunderstorm — if it had formed over the top of us instead of 15-20 miles to the east.


The great central anvil cloud seemed to be growing and spreading even as I watched, while its outrigger offspring flexed their ragged tendrils like grey fingers against the surrounding blue.


But as these summer thunderheads are wont to do, the whole complex began to contract and dissipate as the sun’s radiant energy left the playing field. Our location received no more than 10 minutes of drizzle from the event, which concluded with the rainbow you see here:

Storm’s end

And so we North Texans bid farewell to the fortunate mid-summer weather pattern that allowed us a week-long series of mild days (highs in the mid-90s) and at least the off-chance hope of an afternoon rainshower. The dreaded high pressure ridge is building overhead again, with no expectation for rain (or even general cloudiness) in the extended forecast.

It was nice while it lasted!


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