Reflection on Crystal Lake

Between Red Mountain Pass and Ouray, at the head of a regionally-unusual broad flatland, lies an abandoned stone building once occupied by the Saint Germain Foundation. Today it looks not unlike the concrete husk of a modest-sized service station.

Across the highway from this peculiar remnant rests Crystal Lake, a charming impoundment whose waters provide a reflecting surface for photographers on still early mornings — such  as this one, captured several years ago in late September as the aspens put on their golden show.

The photographic challenges on a day such as this include finding a suitable foreground element to give the picture some depth, and (chiefly) keeping other photographers and their tripods out of one’s field of capture.

(A foot trail winds all around the lake, providing easy access.)

This photo was snapped with my trusty Canon 10D; if memory serves, I used a circular polarizing filter to enhance the deep blue of the sky. (Either that, or some heavy-handed post processing in Photoshop.)


17 thoughts on “Reflection on Crystal Lake

    • Thanks goks. Probably should have waited ’til Fall to post it, but with the temp here in N TX at 107 degrees yesterday, I was needing a reminder of cool to come.

    • Thanks Helen! Appreciate the compositional note. The slim grassy strip serves as that foreground element I mentioned that adds a bit of depth – BUT I can also see how it might be seen as distracting.

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