Creepy crawlies on buttonbush

One of the unfortunate things about shooting macro photos of bugs is that you get to see them up close and (really!) personal. And then you get to spend a few hours (or days, if you have an obsessive nature) brooding over how utterly creepy they look.

Stink bug by another name

Take this eastern leaf-footed bug, for instance, which I discovered in large numbers inhabiting (appropriately enough) the leaves of the buttonbush plant in our backyard. I accidentally discovered this burgeoning population while setting up to shoot one of the more photogenic bloom structures of the plant itself, which has since gone to seed (or fruit):


When you get a close look (unfortunately) at these creatures, you discover that their carapaces are inordinately hairy, and that they have a peculiar long boom-like structure folded up under themselves in place of any sort of mouth.  (Aargh.)

Leaf-footed bug

Close-up (sorry!) of that folded-under boom-like structure that exists where a mouth ought to be

Apologies for the extremely shallow DOF and fuzziness – a combination of low early morning light and breeze disturbing the shooting platform made for challenging conditions.

Leaf-footed bug on a leaf. (How appropriate!)

I leaf (I mean, LEAVE) you with this 67% crop of the wee beastie which offers a view of what appears to be a pair of auxiliary eyes atop the rearward portion of its head.

And if that isn’t creepy, I don’t know what it. (Pleasant dreams!)


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