Indoor caterpillar

Talk about pampered.

Our houseguest

Anne got tired of losing her “backyard babies” (ref. swallowtail caterpillars) to predatory wasps and birds and who knows what else — so she decided to see that at least one of them made it through to pupation (and beyond).

Eastern black swallowtail caterpillar in high cotton (so to speak)

So she drove over to Roadie’s (nearby nursery with a flair for all things native gardening) and bought a fennel plant small enough to perch on the window sill. Our new tenant took to it right away.

Kind of like studio portraiture. For bugs.

I must say, it’s much easier to photograph living creatures inside where it’s not windy and the lighting conditions are stable. If only I could get the birds and etc. to sit for their indoor portraits, we’d have something special going here.

100% crop of above photo, showing cute (?) little spotted “feet” of this wee beastie, used to grasp the stalk of whatever plant he happens to be on


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