Lawn fungi

We’ve had peculiar weather here in N TX this summer, with the usual 100+ degree heat gracing us with its enervating presence until about the third week in August, when we experienced an unexpected break — high temps in the 90s and an occasional rain shower, this benevolent weather pattern lasting for a couple of weeks. (Early September saw a return to the featureless skies and 103-degree days we would normally expect.)

Fungi ho!

During this idyllic “cool” spell, a morning backyard jaunt quite often brought a remarkable array of ephemeral fungi sprouting from the lawn. I got down low with the camera to give you a cat’s-eye view of the grassy terrain and its short-lived fungal inhabitants.

Lawn fungus: It’s what’s NOT for breakfast!

Top ‘o the morning’ to you!

After a full day under the sun, these improbable lawn features tend to blacken and dissolve into the ground from which they sprang. Leaving only photographic evidence of their presence behind.

Fungal grouping

Moment of glory – just a little rough around the edges





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