Morning dew – Ya-HOO!

Two consecutive days have dawned here in N TX featuring light rain and drizzle – hardly the drought-breaker folks hereabouts would wish for, but better than the string of early-Sept. 100-degree cloudless days we just endured, for sure.

I took the opportunity to get out in the garden with my tripod-mounted camera to record the unusual presence of water droplets on flowers and foliage.

Mexican petunia (Ruellia simplex)

Angel trumpets pointing upward tend to fill up with water and quickly tip over, while those angled outward endure the showers with greater resiliency.


The mid-range forecast calls for mild days and cool nights through next week, though no additional rain. But this drought information statement from the National Weather Service proclaims that an “El Nino Winter is likely” – which means, the statement goes on to explain, that we can expect “a continued easing (or complete elimination) of drought conditions… into early 2013.”

Phlox in morning light

To which I say, “Viva El Nino!”

In sublime light: Angel trumpet (Datura)


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