Partners in passion(flower)

I was setting up to photograph this passionflower early one recent dewy morning when a bee happened to land in the middle of my viewfinder. (Well, he actually landed on the flower — but you get the gist.)

Dewy morning passion(flower)

I fired off a few frames and was preparing to pick up the tripod and move along when a second bee showed up on the same bloom, and began feasting at the same font, as it were. Neither bee showed any discomfort at the presence of the other, proving — I suppose — that bees are of an inherently gregarious disposition .
(Or that the lure of the passionflower is simply too great to resist.)


19 thoughts on “Partners in passion(flower)

  1. OMG! These are stunningly beautiful! I see a hobby worth selling. Others would like to enjoy your artistry, so I would highly encourage you to think about this John…seriously. Amazing work! Much Love.

  2. Stunning photos. I love how many different parts passion flowers have. By the way these are female honeybees, so it’s a ‘she’ rather than a ‘he’ on the flower. The two are similar colours so may be sisters from the same colony.

    • Thanks Jim. Heading to canyonlands country next week – maybe I’ll bump into you hanging off a sandstone rim somewhere.

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