Gearhead’s delight: new camera shakedown

In the interest of having a decent backup camera for a forthcoming trip to Utah (leaving next Saturday!), I purchased a Sony RX100 point & shoot. Because every good Boy Scout photographer (“Be Prepared”) needs a backup – right?

This selection went against my well-established Canon bias, primarily because of the excellent user reviews the little Sony has received. The combination of its clever engineering — which incorporates a large(ish) sensor in a shirt-pocket-sized package — and its (relatively) fast Zeiss optics sealed the deal.

The problem, of course, is that I am forced to learn a new user interface in order to get the most out of the camera: Shooting in Auto mode is never an option. Learning curves are not something I relish, but what the heck — it’s all in the interest of improving my photographic expeditioning experience.

Post impressionist

(Besides, I just LOVE getting ahold of new gear!)

This little gem boasts a 20+ megapixel native resolution, full manual controls and a variety of cool features, including an auto HDR feature that snaps three pictures in rapid sequence with one depression of the shutter. Oh yeah, and it records video in full HD too, with a dedicated button for just that purpose. (Handy to have when that UFO lands in your back yard unannounced. I’m waiting…)

Boot & bottle

It turned cool and cloudy in Dallas this weekend, so instead of heading to the State Fair of Texas as I’d originally planned, I hiked down to the bike trail construction site below Flag Pole Hill and snapped away. These photos represent the cream of the resulting image crop, all shot as .jpgs because at present Lightroom does not yet support the proprietary RAW files Sony unfortunately decided to incorporate in the programming — damn their eyes!

Another green world

Filtration and levels/saturation tweaking were done in Photoshop – since there was no intention of producing prints from these files, I was not concerned with mangling pixels.

The chosen one

Cat guts

Infernal workings

Infernal workings 2

It is written

Just scraping by

This property condemned

World weary willow

World weary willow (detail)


7 thoughts on “Gearhead’s delight: new camera shakedown

  1. I’m looking to replace my Canon G-9 and really enjoyed reading this post. Very beautiful images…I especially loved the top one (GREAT title 😉 ) and the world weary willow. Excellent feeling to those. Oh, and I love “It is Written”, too. Can you recommend a site to see the reviews on the Sony?

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