In the La Sals

As Anne and John’s Excellent Alpine Adventure continues (see previous post), we find ourselves struggling to locate any remaining color on the shores of Warner Lake, but nevertheless appreciating the symphony of forms we glimpsed among the recently denuded ranks of aspen.

Among the ranks

We continued around the La Sal loop road to the south, and eventually struck gold (of the leafy variety) on the road to Oowah Lake, where we stopped for a chilly lunch of cheese, crackers and fruit amidst the splendor of autumn’s final display.

La Sal Mountains with the season’s first snow

In among the aspen groves a sparkling stream meandered; Anne traversed the babbling freshet on a tumbled down log, risking a slip into the drenching ice cold water. Fortunately, she kept her balance.

Freshest freshet yet

All in all, an excellent alpine adventure, indeed.

Autumn’s splendor, road to Oowah Lake

Catch a falling leaf

Autumn’s bounty

Now, back down to the canyon country…


16 thoughts on “In the La Sals

      • OK, I’m embarrased. When I wrote that, I knew I was making an assumption, and we all know what that does!!


  1. So glad to see you two are having a wonderful time. Enjoying the pics as it takes me back to our Smokey Mountain retreat of a few weeks ago. Different mountains…similar beauty.

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