Pictographs at Thompson Wash

This is a short side trip that those interested in ancient native cultures (and their artistic legacy) should definitely make time for. Even if it’s just half an hour.

That’s approximately how long it will take you to drive the two or three miles up a blacktop road through the ramshackle burg of Thompson, off I-70, towards Sego Canyon to the north of town.

Brooding mysteriously

There – after parking in the lot you’ll come to after crossing a dry wash, and just before you reach a fence – you’ll find some rather remarkable pictographs. Representing several cultures and time periods (including, sad to see, a bit of modern-era graffiti and bullet pockmarks), the deep ochre-shaded figures stand guard over their surroundings, brooding and mysterious.

Postures of the ancients

While Anne and I were there we encountered some students from Denver on their own photographic field trip. They’d stopped at Thompson in hopes of finding a place to eat lunch (no such luck); then – after seeing the sign for the Indian art – decided on a whim to have a look.

Open to interpretation

Spur of the moment field trips sometimes pay off, as did this one for our young friends.

A later-era panel (with modern graffiti)

Third (of three) major panels at the site. Note bullet pockmarks.


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