A return to Fisher Towers

During last summer’s trip to the Moab area, I tried getting some up close and personal pics of the spectacular free-standing sandstone spires known as Fisher Towers.

This year I decided to take a longer view, and backed off to a promontory overlooking the towers from farther away. (I’m guessing about 1/4 mile, as the crow flies.)

Fisher Towers at sunset

Clever observers may note a significant difference in this image as compared to the one which follows:

Fisher Towers: B&W conversion

And I’m not talking about the lack of color…

If you wish to test your observational acumen,  read no further before venturing a guess.







To avoid the tedium of a back & forth commentary and response session, I will reveal that in the color version I’ve cloned out the vehicles and structures (i.e., latrines) in the campground at the base of the cliffs. Which you can clearly see in the B&W version.

They just seemed more obtrusive in the color image, and didn’t bother me in the grayscale conversion.
So I left them alone.

Ah, Photoshop: it’s almost like wielding godlike powers!


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