Last of the autumn leaves

Before the imminent cold front streaming down from Canada blows them all away, here are a few images of the last of the autumn leaves from around my Old Lake Highlands neighborhood of Big D.

Oak cluster

Oak cluster

I should make clear that I do not bemoan the approaching winter blast – frankly, it’s about time, given that shirtsleeves weather in December is getting kind of bothersome. Hard to get into the seasonal spirit under such balmy conditions.

Crepe myrtle leaves

Crepe myrtle leaves

My only regret is that the front is coming through dry (again) – the latest in a series that have done so, exacerbating drought conditions that show no sign of letting up. Haven’t had a decent rain since October,  and nothing in the forecast aside from those obviously straw-grasping 20% predictions slotted into the far reaches of the five-day forecast by a Natl. Weather Service meteorologist whose mandate must be to dangle a pitiful sliver of hope in front of us. (They tend to evaporate by the time the day of the predicted event rolls around.)

Leaf litter

Leaf litter

At least we had a bit of welcome cloud cover this morning, and the colder temperatures will make our trip to the Christmas Tree lot seem rather more appropriate.

Entrance to the underworld

Entrance to the underworld

The last storm drain image of this post - I promise.

The last storm drain image of this post – I promise.


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