The park no one knows (yet)

Sunday I broke from my routine of wandering down to Norbuck Park for my big walk of the week, and instead drove over to Lake Highlands Town Crossing – site of an entirely new (and mostly manufactured) park area bordering what is planned to be a multi-use community, made up of apartment homes, upscale shopping venues and adjacent office spaces.

Landscaping features

Landscaping features

In other words, it’s the definition of all that Dallas aspires to – at least from a chamber of commerce viewpoint.

Development - Lake Highlands Town Center

Development – Lake Highlands Town Center

But perhaps I should say “it will be, maybe” rather than “it is,” because progress on the project seems to have malingered due to the sluggish economy. (I first reported on the development back in 2009.)

Corrugated creek

Corrugated creek

They’ve completed the lagoon and the paved walkway that borders it – even structured the channel using rust-colored corrugated siding. But the apartment/shopping/office venues are still under construction, as they have been for a couple of years now.

This tree is marked

This tree is marked

Plenty of raw materials are stacked up inside the fencing where the development is being built. There are even public art installments in place along the footpath, ready and waiting for pedestrians who – at least during the couple of hours I spent there on Sunday – have yet to materialize.

objet d'art

objet d’art

It’s kind of the opposite of a ghost town, at least as long as plans are still in place for the project to move forward. Right now its status is something like a “gestation town,” for lack of a better descriptor for a thing that hasn’t yet been fully born.

Shadow and substance

Shadow and substance

Stairway to the future

Stairway to the future

On the upside – lots of parking for anyone inclined to take in the 1/4 mile length of the lagoon/creek pathway. Not to mention opportunities for getting rid of one’s out-of-favor wing chairs.

Wing chairs - grounded

Wing chairs – grounded

Complexity and grace - art installation at Lake Highlands Town Center

Complexity and grace – art installation at Lake Highlands Town Center


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