At the Exotic Cactus Ranch, T or C

T_or_C_7On the day of my guided tour of Spaceport America, I found myself with some time to explore around town prior to departure.

There are a variety of art galleries and other crafty shops in Truth or Consequences, and the buildings themselves are fancifully decorated, making Broadway worthy of a walking tour all its own.

There’s also a museum in town, where I stopped to take in the several rooms of historical objects and then paused outside to take in the site of Geronimo Spring, an early attraction to both Native Americans and their Late-Comer American counterparts.

Geronimo Spring

Geronimo Spring

I eventually ended up driving a couple of miles back to the west towards Williamsburg because I remembered seeing a sign for something called the Exotic Cactus Ranch on my drive into town.

And I’m glad I did – what a fabulous collection of cacti and succulents! For those with an interest in these, this place should be a must-visit location when traveling N to S (or vice-versa) across New Mexico.





Betcha can’t leave without buying something! (I know I couldn’t.)




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