Bishop’s Cap blooms

Short post this go-round, just a couple of photos of the Bishop’s Cap cactus I bought this spring in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Bishop's Cap in bloom

Bishop’s Cap in bloom

As you can see, it bloomed. In fact, there were a couple of blooms before this capture, and I missed photographing them because it turns out they remain open only one day. Fleeting in the extreme.

Blooms, one day later

Blooms, one day later

The very next day the formerly yellow blooms have closed up and are now reddish in color.

Sticking with the theme of blooms past their prime, here are two bonus photos of sunflowers in decline. Because – hey! – being in decline is the natural state of all individual living things (eventually), so we may as well embrace it.


Sunflower, drooping

Not to put too gloomy of a perspective on things.

Bent but not broken

Bent but not broken


9 thoughts on “Bishop’s Cap blooms

    • They are quite the curious plant, notesfrom. Structurally interesting year-round and spectacularly showy on the odd occasions when they are blooming. Thanks for your comment!

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