Bathrobe photography: shameless promotion edition

Opening soon

Opening soon

My latest camera expedition into the wilds of the backyard yielded some views worthy of posting, including several new ones of one of my favorite subjects: the angel trumpet (aka Datura).



As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, I could concentrate solely on  this plant and its extravagant blooms exclusively and never become tired of the resulting images. There’s simply such a variety of forms and colors at play that, as a photographic study, it never gets old. (Until it withers and dies, that is.)

Bud in B&W

Bud in B&W

The buttonbush is also a fascinating subject, primarily because of the forms at play during the life cycle of its spiky blooms.

Buttonbush bloom in all its glory

Buttonbush bloom in all its glory

Buttonbush bloom: faded glory

Buttonbush bloom: faded glory

I spotted this Turk’s Cap flower set off against a weathered wrought-iron chair on our back porch. It struck my photographic fancy (evidenced by this picture).

Turk's Cap and chair

Turk’s Cap and chair

I’ll close – though not quite! – with this sky shot. We’ve had a hot, dry week here in North Texas with nothing but the same in the forecast, and thus the occasional cloud becomes an object of interest even though it holds no promise of precip.



And – finally – for those canny observers who noted the “shameless promotion” subject line, I wanted to offer up a chance to purchase a photo book of some of my previous Bathrobe Photography favorites.


For those who have enjoyed seeing my images on the computer screen, I promise you will enjoy the printed versions even more. They’ve been processed at print resolution (obviously!) and the sample books I received (of the hardcover variety) turned out exceptionally well. And I am a tough critic!

To view the product options (.pdf, softcover, hardcover on premium paper), just click the book cover image above.


11 thoughts on “Bathrobe photography: shameless promotion edition

  1. Just wow. The first shot is so delicate. The bloom could be anything, it is that whimsical…. a pinwheel, a star, crepe paper. Lovely. The second shot is beautiful. It reminds me of a human form reaching out for something. Really great work! I can see how you would be a little obsessed with those blooms!

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